In 2020 we proudly became 1 of only 13 printers in the UK who are fully Carbon Balanced. Being fully Carbon Balanced means that we offset all the CO² emissions we produce. 

How do we balance our CO²? We’ve partnered with the ecological charity the ‘World Land Trust’ to help preserve endangered tropical forests that would otherwise be removed. 

How does being carbon balanced contribute to nature conservation?

All 12 animals chosen for the calendar are classified as either vulnerable or endangered and have been protected through nature conservation conducted by the World Land Trust.

2021 Desk Calendar
2021 A3 Desk Calendar

How to order your 2021 Desk Calendar

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If you’re interested in talking about how you too can Carbon Balance the work you produce now or in the future, then please get in contact, I would love to hear from you!

Tony Pooles | Managing Director


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