A3 Digital Print Sustainability Policy

We are firmly committed to reducing our environmental impact, increasing our positive social impact, being a good employer and driving sustainable, profitable growth.

Going green makes good business sense…

It makes sense to reduce waste and recycle more. We want to play our part in protecting our planet, but we also know it’s good business logic. Our environmental policies work because we use fewer resources which equals less waste. As a result, we are able to keep our prices competitive and consistently improve our efficiency.

We are accredited with the environmental standard ISO 14001 and we go far beyond its requirements.

A snapshot of what we are doing

We work relentlessly to review our processes and introduce ways to improve on what we print, how we print it and keep our carbon footprint to a minimum.

  • Working with the World Land Trust™, we are proud to be one of only a handful of Carbon Balanced Printers in the country
  • We use 100% renewable source electricity
  • We recycle the majority of our waste streams
  • Our house paper is a quality sheet which is FSC®certified, chlorine free & recyclable
  • We use vegetable oil based inks
  • We conserve water
  • We help our customers to reduce the carbon impacts of their marketing communications and helping them meet their carbon reduction objectives
  • Sharing knowledge and understanding of print related environmental or ‘Green’ terminology
  • We work to continually reduce our landfill waste
  • Ensure low levels of industrial alcohol used in the print process
  • Constantly monitor our energy consumption
  • All Journeys are carefully planned for efficiency

And that’s not all…

No time to waste…We are proud of how we organise our waste and consumption of resources and ensure whatever cannot be recycled is either reused, recovered or disposed of responsibly.

A few examples of our innovative recycling streams are:

  • Our aluminium plates are melted down and re-used as raw material
  • Our plastics, light tubes, ink & toner cartridges, ink tins
  • …in fact, everything we can including our discarded crisp packets!
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