Project Description

BP Perfect Bound Brochure

Holographic foil sets this perfect bound brochure apart creating a different look with every view.


A4 Landscape


Cover: 4pp
Text: 62pp


Cover: 310gsm Gmund Action Dark Silver Cloud
Text: 200gsm Smooth Uncoated


Cover: Un-Printed
Text: Colour Digital


Foil in Phillips HD 10-1S silver holographic effect, crease, fold, gather, PUR bind and pack

Brochure - BP
Brochure - BP

Working alongside Red Hot Rocket we produced this perfect bound brochure for BP. This brochure really stands out from the crowd with a holographic effect that catches the light. As an alternative to gold, silver or solid colour foils, holographic foil can add interest and movement to your print materials. Holographic foil produces a rainbow effect as light shines onto the foil, creating movement as the light refracts and the viewer moves their head or hands.

  • perfect case bound brochure printing
  • Brochure - BP
  • Brochure - BP
  • Brochure - BP