Over the last 20 or so years, the paper industry has made significant improvements. Now, few materials compare to paper when it comes to sustainability — in fact, it is one of the most naturally renewable resources there is.

Everywhere you look, paper is used in some shape or form and it really is a remarkable material!

At A3 Design & Print, our papers are specially chosen to ensure they produce a quality and professional finished print result. Wherever possible, we also try to encourage and help print buyers to make greener, more sustainable choices.

Of course, it’s not always possible to recycle 100% of all paper produced. Some will be contaminated, lost in waste systems or end up in landfill. However, it is our responsibility — and the responsibility of all those working in the print industry — to ensure any non-recycled elements of the paper we use is sourced sustainably. This is why we continue to support the use of Carbon Balanced Paper and the work of The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®).

Paper Credentials

FSC Certified Paper

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an organisation dedicated to promoting the responsible and sustainable management of forests around the world. Being FSC certified means we can track any wood used for your project from its source in the forest, all the way through to production and the finished print product.

FSC certified forests ensure:

  • Biological diversity is preserved
  • The forest is managed in such a way that it benefits both local people and workers, as well as society at large
  • Forest management is economically viable, while ensuring financial profit is not gained at the expense of the forest resources, ecosystem or nearby communities

Through the certification, our customers can be reassured that when they print with us, their paper will always be sourced from FSC forests — which comply with the FSC certified management system to guarantee the forests are responsibly managed.

As an FSC certified printer, we can also print the FSC logo onto any finished works to demonstrate your commitment to purchasing print materials from environmentally friendly sources.

FSC logo

Recycled Paper

When recycled paper was first introduced to the print industry, it was brown and of very poor quality, rendering it useless for printing. But today, you can’t even tell it apart from virgin paper!

Paper can be recycled up to four or five times, offering a more sustainable and greener option. When compared to non-recycled paper, manufacturing recycled paper produces much lower carbon emissions. Plus, the process uses less energy and water — and reduces the amount of waste to going into landfill.