Lionel Messi breaks Pele’s goalscoring record: Budweiser bestows a beer upon each of the 160 goalkeepers Lionel Messi scored past

In a career spent shattering records on a regular basis, Lionel Messi added one of his most significant was when he eclipsed Pele’s longstanding record of goals for a single club with his 644th strike for Barcelona last month.

To mark the occasion, Messi’s brand partner Budweiser sent out 644 personalised, custom packaged beers to the 160 goal keepers he scored past. Each beer had the number of the goal scored and an image of Messi celebrating to salt the wounds. All sent in individual custom printed boxes printed and produced by A3 in collaboration with Showcase Creative.

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Within the box the text printed in silver foil reads: “This feat is made even more extraordinary given they were scored against the best keepers in the world. We know of no other competitors more worthy of celebrating. Kings aren’t made overnight.”

The activation was embraced by some of the goalkeeping greats including Gianluigi Buffon. Some keepers received quite the boozy package, with former Athletic Bilbao star Gorka Iraizoz getting 18 and Iker Casillas and Anders Fernandez getting 17 each. Diego Alves receiving the most beer with 21 bottles, said he was happy to be part of Messi’s story and will keep the 21 packaged bottles for the rest of his life to show his kids, as this moment will go down in history.

Print Packaging made for a king

A3 in collaboration with Showcase Creative & Drink Works we printed, engineered and produced these stunning personalised 644 gift boxes. But even boxes made for kings aren’t produced overnight. The 644 custom-made boxes were all coated with an anti-scuff matt lamination to give it a smooth-touch finish, as well as spot UV varnish to give the contrast for the text on the front that reads “In this game no goal is easy”.

With determination and passion to produce stunning packaging attention to detail was critical in ensuring the text was matched up correctly on all sides of the box. Silver and red foil was used for the copy to ensure the Budweiser brand was consistent throughout. If you look closely you can see the dates of all 644 goals printed on the inside cover, a subtle but creative way of communicating this record breaking message.

We believe dedication and commitment to our craft has led us to produce this stunning custom made packaging. We believe its print fit for a king! Please contact us if you’d like to discuss your next print campaign or like to see printed samples?