With approximately 10.5k printers in the UK and 1.7k in the south east alone, what makes A3 Design & Print so different from the others?

A3 Design & Print are one of only a handful of printers in the UK who have been accredited by the World Land Trust™ as a truly Carbon Balanced printer. More than simply offsetting paper, we have Carbon Balanced our print company as well. The highest statement of environmental integrity and credibility you will find. Proving our commitment to being eco friendly.

What does this mean to our clients? With this pledge from us in conjunction with the World Land Trust, we offer our clients the chance to offset their entire print work placed with us, not just the paper. This means calculating the carbon dioxide used in both the print and paper production and balancing this by preserving endangered tropical forests that would have otherwise be removed.

As a guarantee of authenticity our clients receive a certificate confirming the amount of Carbon Dioxide in kilograms balanced against their job in metres squared of critically threatened tropical forest, signed by the Chief Executive of the World Land Trust and presented by A3 Design & Print.

Clients are offered the opportunity to add the ‘Carbon Balanced Print with the World Land Trust’ logo on their print work, confirming this message to the end user.

Hobbs London – A fashion commitment that lasts longer than a season

Luxury British fashion brand Hobbs London is as equally committed to environmental conservation as we are. Taking a very direct approach to save the planet when producing and distributing their seasonal brochures.
By working with A3 Design & Print they have been able to offset (carbon balance) the entire print and production of their Spring Summer 2020 brochure. By placing their work with us, they were able to balance 11,849kg of carbon dioxide against preserving 8,294m2 of critically threatened tropical forest. Which is the equivalent of 32 tennis courts!
With a certificate from the World Land Trust to show this amazing achievement along with the accredited logo on the brochure, a fantastic achievement.

Hobbs London Carbon Balanced with the World Land Trust and A3 Design & Print
Example of eco friendly, carbon balanced packaging print

A3 Design & Print in perfect partnership with The Vegan Food Wrap Co.

Working together with The Vegan Food Wraps Co. we found a partnership based on the common goal of protecting the environment through sustainable ingredients! Producing eco friendly products and packaging alike.
Together we’re helping save the planet with packaging designed and sourced from post consumer waste that is fully 100% recyclable and the product itself a natural plant based product alternative to cling film.

Proving that together we are working towards saving our environment one client at a time.