With 72% of consumers agreeing that packaging design influences their purchasing decisions, choosing the right packaging for your product is crucial. Not only does packaging play an important role in communicating the benefits of your product to potential customers and attract their attention, but it also represents your company values and brand image. And in a (highly competitive) sea of packaging – you want to be sure yours stands out!

Here at A3 Design & Print, we’ve put together a short guide to help you understand what type of packaging you need for your project and what questions to ask when it comes to printing.

What type of packaging do I need?

Before you even think about designing your packaging, there are five important considerations:

  1. How is my product being dispatched?
  2. How is my product being displayed?
  3. How does my product need protecting?
  4. What quantity do I need? 
  5. What budget do I have per unit?

These questions will help you to determine if there are any logistical ‘musts’ for the product packaging  and will enable you to eliminate any options that could prove too costly from the start.

Above all else, the packaging needs to be practical. It’s no good having products arrive damaged due to poor packaging. A protective outer box is usually the best option for anything that will be shipped or delivered to customers using a courier, for example. Equally, if your product contains perishables like food, you will need to use preservation packaging such as shrink or vacuum wrapping. The size of the product will also affect the type of packaging you choose.

packaging design

Packaging Design

Design is also a major factor. You want your packaging to be instantly recognisable and stand out on the shelf, so consider the competition and how you can differentiate your product and brand. But although it might be tempting to experiment with ‘out there’ packaging, remember there’s often a reason why everyone else in your product market uses a certain type.

Finally, it is also important to think about what materials you want to use. These should align with the product USPs and reflect your brand values. For example, if you are an eco-friendly company with all-natural products, then you would choose a recycled paper or cardboard over plastic.

Your choice of materials will also have a significant impact on the perceived quality of your product, with 63% of consumers believing paper and cardboard packaging with a simple design makes a product look more premium.

What options are available at A3?

Here at A3, we offer many different bespoke options for print packaging: click here to see some eye catching examples A3 Layflat Brochure, Precor Box and Postcards, and 67 Pall Mall Outer Box.

Our process is simple. We treat every printed project with the same level of care and attention to detail, ensuring the end result is exactly how you’d imagined it. Your dedicated sales manager along with the design studio and specialist finishing teams manage the entire process – working with you to define your product initially, then seeing it through to the production of a prototype and finally taking the finished printed product to market.